Most people are never taught what a healthy relationship is supposed to look like. Couples fall in love first and hope all the pieces fall into place. Sadly, we know it doesn’t always happen that way. We all heard that relationships are hard work, but do we really understand what that means? Learning how to build trust and be trustworthy is a vital part of the process. Building a lasting relationship from the ground up means cultivating a friendship, being able to count on your partner and be completely transparent. I look forward to helping you discover exactly what a healthy relationship looks like and how to get it!

Hello and welcome! I'm Jenny Mannion, Licensed Mental Health Counselor and National Certified Counselor. I maintain a private therapy practice in Riverview, Florida. I provide therapy services for couples and individuals who want a more fulfilling life. I am a relationship expert with more than 22 years of experience. I specialize in affair recovery and help couples navigate the journey of healing and rebuilding trust. This difficult transition takes place in a judgement-free environment where you and your partner are supported, understood and empowered to explore repairing yourselves and the relationship. You'll leave the first session with tools you can begin using right away!

What would it be like if you continued to live the way you are right now?

Your significant other confessed to being unfaithful or maybe you found out by other means. You may be embarrassed because your spouse had an affair. Maybe you're the one who broke down and shared your secret and feeling shame and guilt. Over time you have put up walls because you don't want to get hurt again and you're scared to make decisions based on raw emotions. Both you and your partner noticed the tension seeping into your family life and your professional life. You're not sure how much longer this can go on.

You feel disconnected from your partner. Busy lives have gotten in the way of prioritizing your relationship. When was the last time you had a date night? It feels like you're living with a roommate rather than your spouse. Your intimacy has waned; you want to reconnect, but you don't know how.

So often couples find themselves in a place they don't recognize and certainly don't want to be in and, as a result, they argue, distance themselves from each other and the relationship and resentments begin to build. I can help you learn to turn towards each other, even when you feel you're in a difficult place, to rebuild trust, heal past hurts and deepen the connection you once felt.

Imagine feeling like there's hope of reconciliation and how amazing it would be to have a plan for recovery. Envision being able to express yourself in a safe environment while you and your partner address what led you and your relationship to this place. You can begin to make sense of overwhelming questions and begin to re-establish trust and connection while healing from these hurts. You can believe in a life with boundaries so that you can finally relax.

"Transform your relationship from surviving to thriving!"

I am passionate about helping couples repair and sustain a healthy, fulfilling relationship. While the past cannot be changed, the focus can be on creating changes in the present and experiencing more satisfaction and connectivity in the future.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my website. My hope is that something here resonates with you and sparks your desire to take the first step by calling me. Couples counseling is not just for partners in distress. It's for people who want to enjoy the rest of their lives together by building the relationship they've always wanted.

Don't wait for your relationship to be in crisis.

Contact me today!