juveniles who act out

Specializing in Juveniles who Sexually Act Out

When your family finds themselves struggling to navigate sexually concerning behaviors, it seems like your whole world has been struck with fear, anxiety, shame, and embarrassment.  You begin questioning what is normal sexual behavior and what is considered concerning?  Maybe your adolescent has been arrested for sexually acting out and your fear of juvenile justice, court dates and probation has become a reality or maybe you want to be proactive and seek treatment before the court gets involved.

I pride myself in walking with families going through this scary time.  I am a state approved Juvenile Sexual Offender Specialist and I know how the system works.  With over 22 years of experience with adolescents and their families, I have worked with the Department of Juvenile Justice in the capacity of residential facilities, outpatient settings and as a treatment provider.  I am well respected resource with juvenile probation officers and with the diversion program. I offer families a thorough evaluation and treatment recommendations that are specific to the court’s requirements.  In addition, I provide treatment specific to juveniles with sexual behavior problems.  My treatment supports the needs of the individual and their families, including the reunification process.

During our initial session, you’ll feel at ease knowing that you’re not alone in this process. You’ll understand my philosophy is very much like yours: To teach our children the skills they need to lead happy, healthy lives.

My goal is to keep families out of the juvenile justice system. Whether you are concerned about sexual behaviors or if your child has been arrested with a sexually based charge, contact me today and let’s begin the treatment process.