couples therapy

As a relationship expert, my goal is helping couples develop a secure emotional connection, reignite their passion for each other, and to prioritize the relationship. Couples counseling includes pre-marital counseling, marriage counseling, emotional distance, affair recovery, relationship crisis and parenting issues. All couples are welcome in counseling.

In today’s world, our attention is required in so many places. Often times, we put our self-care at the bottom on the “to do” list and leave our relationship care off the list completely. Couples find they drift apart; their shared experiences a thing of the past. They lose sight of their shared goals, dreams and passion for each other.

If you know your loved one is there and will come when you call, you are more confident of your worth, your value. And the world is less intimidating when you have another to count on and know that you are not alone.
— Dr. Sue Johnson
couples counseling in riverview florida

I understand that each person has their own challenges that impact the relationship. Sometimes these challenges threaten the connection between partners and therefore, the safety of the relationship. When a partner struggles with depression, anxiety, grief, trauma or work stress, the quality of the relationship inevitably suffers.

When a relationship is threatened by betrayal, it seems like the world stops and nothing makes sense. I can help make sense of what happened and work with each partner to heal by rebuilding trust and safety. An affair does not have to mean the relationship is over. It’s a red flag the relationship is in trouble.

Couples seek therapy for a variety of reasons. The duration of therapy is strongly correlated by the presenting problems. Often times it is helpful for each partner to have their own sessions in addition to couples counseling. My goal is for couples to develop fondness and admiration for one another, nurture their friendship & create lasting memories of a happy relationship.